Stainless steel connectors connect different parts of the piping system. The metal of production is resistant to corrosion, acid, chemical effect, therefore connectors made out of it are widely used and highly valued.

These piping parts can be used for the supply systems of gas, water, and the industries of food, chemistry, machinery, construction and paper. Stainless steel connectors are also suitable for the connection of the parts of fire extinction and watering systems.

Bos Inox – connects quality and success

Stainless steel connectors not only connect separate parts of the piping but also protect the system from dirt and ensure tightness. Their quality and endurance are particularly important. Therefore we collaborate only with trustworthy stainless steel manufacturers. We are sure that a responsible attitude is the path to success.

If you can’t find your required product, fill in the request form. We will help you choose the suitable size connectors for an affordable price and we will advise you on the selection of other parts of the piping.