Water abrasive cutting is one of the most efficient ways to process sheets of various materials and thicknesses. Using this technology, materials are cut cold – without any thermic effect, therefore the structure of the cut metal and its other properties do not change.

Water abrasive cutting BEFORE cutting with water

There are usually two types of water cutting – water cutting or abrasive water jet cutting. It is noticeable that the latter method is increasingly competing with the former due to the force of several hundred times more powerful current, which can cut even the toughest materials.

What is an abrasive current?

The abrasive current consists of certain-sized sand, which when mixed with water creates a strong cutting force. Sand is usually made of pure mineral – garnet, which is also used to make red sandpaper. One of the main reasons for choosing this material is the low price. Thanks to this, the price of the whole cutting process becomes competitive in the market.

How is water blast cutting performed?

The whole system consists of three main elements – a pump, pipes, and a special cutting head. The water flowing from the pump through the pipes together with the abrasive enters the head, from which comes a high-pressure abrasive water jet for cutting solids.

Abrasive cutting of metal is special because precise accuracy is required here, otherwise, the system may be overwhelmed by erosion. When cutting with an abrasive water jet, it is important to set the maximum possible power and pressure and to adjust the optimal amount of abrasive material. Gaining more speed and power results in lower costs and better results.

The main advantages of cutting with an abrasive water jet

  • Versatility;
  • Resistance to heat;
  • The process is easy to program and computerize;
  • No mechanical stress is generated;
  • Cutting seam thickness 1 mm;
  • The geometry of the product does not affect the final result;
  • The thickness of the material to be cut is 0.1-110 mm;
  • There is almost no loss of material;
  • It is possible to cut with one or several heads at the same time
  • Almost all types of materials can be cut
  • The technology is environmentally friendly

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