Cutting with an abrasive water jet

The quality characteristics of the entire product depend on the precise shape of the piece.
An abrasive water jet is a reliable way to achieve faultless results of product cutting.
This method is exceptionally quick, economical and ecological.
When cutting with an abrasive water jet, the damage to the material is avoided and no characteristics are changed.
Therefore this method is ideal when stainless steel products of precise measurements are required.
Using a water jet with the technology of abrasive gives an opportunity to cut the materials of a very wide range, foam, polystyrene and many others. An abrasive water jet can also cut slightly harder materials which means that there is no thermal effect, the structure, that is metal, rubber, wood, stone, ceramic tiles, glass (except for tempered glass). Physical and chemical properties of the material do not change.

Features of cutting with an abrasive water jet:

  • Particularly universal process
  • No thermal effects
  • No mechanical voltage
  • Easy programming of the process
  • Thin water flow 1 mm
  • Highly complex geometry of the cut product
  • Cuts thin materials
  • Very little amount of cut material lost
  • Low cutting force
  • Suitable for mostly all materials
  • Easy to switch from cutting with one cap to cutting with multiple caps
  • Surface of the cut material, chemical and physical properties do not change
  • No heat effect
  • Very thin “stitch”
  • Clean surface of cut material, no dust or smoke
  • Consistent cutting angle
  • Insurance of high productivity for a small price
  • High cutting speed for most materials
  • Maximum product size – 3000 x 6000 mm
  • Maximum material thickness – 120 mm
  • Cutting speed – from 1 to 12000 mm/min
  • Cutting accuracy – ± 0,2 mm