Tubular laser cutting is a new generation technological solution that allows high-quality and accurate cutting of pipe-type metal products.

This device ensures the cutting and keeping the ideal angle of all types of metal products – pipes, profiles, angles and troughs.

When to choose laser pipe cutting machines?

When cutting cylindrical or rectangular metal objects, it is always recommended to choose a specially adapted tubular laser instead of a classic laser. Although traditional laser cutting technology also cuts metal evenly and cleanly, this technology is not suitable for high-quality machining of pipe corners. Meanwhile, the tubular laser makes it possible to cut both flat parts and corners of the tube ideally.

Accordingly, no mechanical force is used when cutting pipes with the latter technology, which helps to avoid cracks in the metal and other deformations of the material.

Advantages of tubular laser

  • Thanks to modern technology, the cutting process is performed extremely accurately and quickly.
  • This type of laser can be used to cut metal products of various profiles – pipes, profiles, angles, troughs, etc.
  • Tubular laser perfectly adapts to the corners of the products, and each corner of the pipe is cut evenly and cleanly.
  • Tubular technology does not use mechanical force, so there are no deformations of the materials.
  • The tubular laser has the ability to automatically modulate the center.
  • A tubular laser can cut out details of varying complexity, both identical and different.

Tubular laser technical possibilities

  • The maximum length of the pipe is 6500
  • The maximum diameter of the pipe is 152
  • Maximum material thickness (black steel) – 8
  • Maximum material thickness (stainless steel) – 5mm
  • Maximum material thickness (aluminum) – 6mm
  • Automatic profile feeding Power – 3

Efficient tubular laser cutting with BosInox

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