Nerūdijančio plieno kampuočiai

Stainless steel angle bars are irreplaceable architectural elements. These building components can be made from either a single metal sheet or separate. An exceptional characteristic of an angle bar is the angle of a specific degree (usually – 90).

Angle bars function in a couple of different ways. They can be used for strengthening, holding, forming, even decorating. For their multifunctional characteristics, stainless steel angle bars are fitted in multiple areas: staring with holding cases, finishing with strengthening the constructions of skyscrapers.

Reliable things with Bos Inox

Endurance of things and buildings depends on their construction. Everyday surroundings consist of things of various sizes and weights. Therefore Bos Inox offers stainless steel angle bars of various measurements and solidity.

We exceptionally value the quality of production. Solid and reliable products are the pride of Bos Inox. Therefore we are always interested in the innovations of the market and can offer you a wide range of stainless steel products. If you can’t find a required product, fill in the request form. We will be in touch with you shortly to provide you with all the information you need and help you choose the most suitable products.

 mm  Weight kg/m
20x20x3 0.90
25x25x3 1.20
30x20x3 1.11
30x30x3 1.40
35x35x4 2.30
40x20x4 1.77
40x40x4 2.50
45x30x5 2.70
45x45x5 3.40
50x30x5 2.96
50x50x5 3.80
60x30x5 3.40
60x40x5 3.70
60x40x6 4.46
60x60x6 5.50
70x70x7 7.40
 80x40x6 5.40
80x65x8 8.70
80x80x8 9.70
100x50x6 6.80
100x50x8 9.00
100x100x8 12.20
100x100x10 15.00
120x80x8 12.00
120x120x12 25.10