Metal bending is a process during which metal sheets are formed according to the desired specifications.

Thanks to advanced technological equipment, today metal bending is performed precisely, ensuring the highest accuracy of bending angles.

How is the metal forming process performed?

Advanced (Trumpf Trubend 3100) metal bending machines, press machines and other special equipment are used for high-quality metal bending. These tools allow to process metal sheets of various thicknesses, lengths and types – stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, galvanized sheet metal and other types of metals. Thanks to the latter equipment, we can precisely bend even the most complex metal plate solutions, thus implementing original customer ideas.

Technical possibilities of metal machine tools

  • Maximum sheet length – 3060mm
  • Maximum compressive force – 1000kN
  • The distance between the columns is 3384 mm
  • Bending speed – 15mm / s

Bending the metal BEFORE welding

For a long time, one of the most popular ways to change the shape of metal has been welding, but as technology advances, bending metal is becoming an increasingly common choice. This alternative avoids welds, which are most prone to corrosion and material damage.

Accordingly, high-quality flexible metal products remain strong and resistant to environmental factors.

Also, flexible sheet metal products create a more aesthetic look, making them perfect for exterior finishing solutions.

Possibilities of use

Elements of metal bending technology are used in many industries – construction, aviation, shipbuilding, railway, electronics, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, furniture, trade and advertising, automotive, and agriculture.

Metal bending machines are also widely used for household purposes. For example, for roof trim, door fabrication, or car body adjustments.

Metal bending with BOSINOX

Are you looking for quality and fast metal forming work? Entrust metal bending solutions to stainless steel experts BOSINOX!

Professionals with many years of work experience, using the equipment of market leaders, are ready to ensure that the projects of stainless steel products meet the wishes of each client to the maximum!

Well, and if necessary, you can also order metal products of standard dimensions by coming to us.

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